The (“Exhibitor”) and New South Gun Shows, (“New South”) hereby agree as follows:

  1. Exhibitor will keep all handguns, rifles, shotguns, magazines, clips, crossbows and other weapons, whether kept on a table or in a case, and whether or not for sale (including personal guns) (collectively referred to herein as “Guns”) unloaded at all times.
  2. Exhibitor will keep all Guns tied in such a manner so as to render them nonfireable. Exhibitor will ensure that all Guns held by Exhibitor during the show (including Guns brought into the show by Exhibitor or received from a customer of Exhibitor) are tied as above.
  3. Exhibitor MUST secure all firearms at all tables/booths prior to the show opening to the public. This can be done via cable locks, glass cases, etc. Prior to the start of the show, a security check will be held to ensure that exhibitors/vendors are in compliance.
  4. Exhibit or will not possess, consumes or dispense any alcoholic beverages at any time (including during the show or during the setup or breakdown of the show).
  5. Exhibitor will keep all ammunition sealed in boxes or bags and will not allow any loose ammunition on its table. No powder is allowed at New South Gun Shows. No illegal knifes or prohibited weapons of any type will be allowed for display or to be sold.
  6. Exhibitor understands and acknowledges that:
    A. Should a weapon discharge at Exhibitor’s table, Exhibitor
    (i) may be immediately evicted from the show without refund or other recourse,
    (ii) may be banned from all future shows sponsored by New South and
    (iii) may face criminal or civil charges.
    B. Exhibitor is responsible for all actions of its employees, agents and others in its party.
    C. Exhibitor may not display or sell flea market material. New South reserves the right to ask Exhibitor to remove undesirable materials from the tables.
  7. Exhibitor understands and acknowledges that:
    A. The show hours are as follows (unless otherwise noted for a particular show on the show calendar ): 2-DAY SHOWS: SAT 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM, SUN 10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM
    B. Exhibitor may be in the show building only during the following times for setup: 2-DAY SHOWS: FRI 12 PM – 7 PM, SAT 7AM – 9 AM, SUN 9 AM TO 10 AM
  8. Exhibitor will stay in the show building during the show hours listed above on both days of the show. If Exhibitor must leave early due to an emergency, Exhibitor will notify New South before Exhibitor clears its tables.
  9. Exhibitor will pay all fees prior to setting up Exhibitor’s tables. If payment is not made (7) days prior to the show, payment must be made in cash, money order or certified check. If Exhibitor is to arrive after the commencement of the show Saturday and does not notify New South of such late arrival the tables will be resold at 9:00 AM.
  10. Exhibitor may only request up to two badges. All badges must be requested at check – in – time. Badges requested for persons arriving after the shows opens must be left up front. If Exhibitor loses a badge, a replacement badge m ay be purchased for $10.00. No one will be admitted without a badge or paid admission.
  11. Exhibitor will at all times obey insurance and fire marshal regulations in effect. Exhibitor will not obstruct the aisles in any way before closing on any show day.
  12. Exhibitor will not place anything in front of, on the side of, or in the aisle beside any table. Exhibitor will keep all merchandise on or below the table. (Exhibitor may not use cheater boards in some shows). Exhibitor must make all sales from its reserved tables, and may not solicit at front door. If Exhibitor uses its personal tables for sales, it will be charged the gun show table rate. Exhibitor understands and acknowledges that the space behind the tables is to be equally divided between Exhibitors.
  13. Exhibitor understands and acknowledges Exhibitor may be evicted from the show without refund or other recourse and may be banned from participating in all future shows sponsored by New South if:
    A. A weapon discharge occurs at Exhibitor’s table
    B. Exhibitor possesses alcoholic beverages or controlled substance within the show building,
    C. Exhibitor possesses a loaded weapon or magazine, or
    D. Exhibitor violates any of the other provisions sat forth herein.
    E. Exhibitor violates any federal , state, city or local law.
  14. The management of New South reserves the right to have Exhibitor remove from their display any and all items not desirable for a family atmosphere environment. Items such as: pictures, videos, books and literature of any lewd nature explosive or pyrotechnic devices, flea market material, or items of negative ethnic content. No demonstration of nonlethal self – defense products such as, but not limited to: stun guns, tasers or blowguns. New South management will make the final decision on any and all merchandise displayed by an Exhibitor.
  15. Exhibitor can not be disruptive to other Exhibitors by use of radio, video with sound, noise makers, hollering, loud voices, flashing lights etc. Exhibitor must keep noise level confined to their rental space.

*New South Promotions. dba. New South Gun Shows reserves the right to refuse rental of tables or spaces to any Exhibitor*